SHIPPING and packaging

What you need to know before you order

If we are shipping you a large order (over 25 pieces) we will always ship our palettes in a truck with a lift gate but you will need a palette jack on your side to get the palette to where it needs to go inside the building.

We crate most of our material to ensure safe arrival, which means you will need a drill and someone who can use it when the crate arrives and somewhere to donate the plywood and 2x4s to, maybe you can make a tree fort.

Questions to Consider:

  • Do you have enough staff to accept the delivery- it might be heavy.
  • Is the storage area temperature controlled (between 7 and 21 degrees Celsius) and clean?

Ready to Order?

We will double check your shipping address and all the special notes to make sure we get it to the right door of the building and in the hands of the right person.  We will let you know how heavy the pallet is. We typically ship on the standard 48"x40" pallet. We will need to know the exact delivery instructions so that we can relay the message to our trusted shipping partners.

We will let you know when your order is shipped and the estimated day of arrival. 

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