how to get started

Step 1:

  • Go to the art library tab. Choose "All Art" or "HFA Artist Collective"
  • Use the filters or the keyword search bar on the left of your computer screen and start selecting the art and images that catch your eye.
  • Make a collection for your project by hitting the heart at the bottom of an image that you have selected then select, "create a new collection".
  • Continue building that collection until you are ready to pair it down and start framing your pieces under the "build my art" tab.
Start Browsing


If you want help curating your pieces or if there is something that you would like a designer to help you with, contact us and request a virtual or in studio consult.

These are free of charge and we would love to be the designers designer! We will charge $30/hour for any graphic modification you request to the images that you select.

Connect with a Designer

Step 2

  • Go to "My Projects" and click on the first image you want to frame up.
  • Right click to "save as" to your desktop and then go to the "build my art" tab.
  • Click on "Frame my art" and then upload. This can also be an image/photo that you have that you would like us to frame.
  • Here is where the suggested size will come up - if there is a size you want just go ahead despite the warnings and we will get back to you to see if we can accommodate you.

Step 3

  • Once you have your mat, frame, glass/glazing, and all the other options selected, you hit send to cart.
  • Fill out all your shipping details and Submit your order
  • HFA will be in touch in 3 business days to confirm the details of your order and
  • Once that is confirmed, we'll send you a quote that you can approve and pay for.
  • Your art will be built right here in Canada and in most cases will be at the doorstep of your project within 3 weeks.

DONE! you got the art for your client on time and within budget (and didn't have to leave your office!). You can thank us later!

What happens if I don't want it framed?

No problem just send the image to your cart and we will be in touch to chat details. This will be the case if you want a wrapped canvas, wall mural, floating frame, or signage.

Did you know we can print on metal, wood, and glass

These surfaces will also be quoted on through a consult with you!

Thanks for giving HFA a chance to build your art and we would love to know how we could make the process as smooth as possible. Please send us a note through our contact us page.

Contact us for more custom options