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What is the HFA Artist Collective?

The HFA Artist Collective is a group of hand selected independent artists that HFA loves and actively promotes. We believe they are insanely talented, and we want their art on your walls. By selecting and looking through their work first, you as a designer, are also working to support the arts community. Every time we print their art, we send them a royalty, supporting them to continue doing what they love.

Thank you for choosing HFA artist collective images. Also - these are the only images on our site that we can graphically modify (within reason) - that means you get exactly what you are looking for. Get in touch with one of our graphic designers here, and we can work together to get the perfect piece for your project!

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Interested in joining our Artist Collective?

If you are an artist wanting to join our collective contact us at artistcollective@hfacustomart.com. We love promoting and supporting the visual arts community and would love to work to get your art up on the walls of homes and businesses around the world.

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How You Support the Artists

All of the HFA Artist Collective pieces are categorized by medium so if you want abstract watercolor search by those keywords. Just to note- that not ALL of our images are categorized by medium, only our most favorite art which is the art from our exclusive HFA Artist Collective. At HFA, we encourage you to select from these works as they are the ones that support the local art community here in Vancouver Canada, where we live! That is why our images will always come up first- support local by choosing art labeled HFA Artist Collective.

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Featured Artist

Deb Chaney

We had the pleasure of meeting Deb Chaney, who is now a part of the HFA Artist Program, at the Interior Design Institute of British Columbia’s “Gatsby Goes Rogue Gala.” Hosted at Rogue Wet bar, the IDIBC invited their sponsors to mix and mingle dressed in their finest roaring twenties threads. Deb introduced herself; a contemporary artist who merges spirituality with physicality. It took little time to see why Vancouver City Buzz and Culture Trip had named Deb as one of the top 10 Contemporary Artists to watch.

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Bente Hansen

Bente Hansen

Bente creates wonderfully vibrant abstracts, inspired by her environment. Her work is described as joyful, bold, and brilliant reflections of...

Julia DiSano

Julia DiSano

Specializing in watercolor and acrylic paint, Julia Di Sano’s pieces are elegant, atmospheric, moody, contemporary, richly coloured and texturally layered....

Deb Chaney

Deb Chaney

We had the pleasure of meeting  Deb Chaney, the latest addition to the HFA Artist Program, at the Interior Design...