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Lime Rock 10
Lime Rock 8
Ship Wrecked
Snow Country II
London Scene III
London Scene II
London Scene I
Chinatown XI
Chinatown X
Chinatown IX
Chinatown VIII
Chinatown VII
Chinatown VI
Chinatown V
Chinatown IV
Chinatown III
Chinatown II
Chinatown I
Paris People II
Paris People I
City Words II
City Words I
London Calling II
London Calling I
A Venetian Stroll VI
A Venetian Stroll V
A Venetian Stroll IV
A Venetian Stroll II
A Venetian Stroll I
Waterways of Venice XV
Waterways of Venice XIV
Postcard Wildflowers II
Obviously Pink 16A
Obviously Pink 15A
Obviously Pink 14A
Obviously Pink 12A
Happy Yellow 07B
Happy Yellow 07A
Bohemian Blue 08B
Bohemian Blue 08A