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Country Church IV
Country Church III
Country Church II
Country Church I
Bliss Buddha II
Bliss Buddha I
Papillon Plaid II
Mission Garden
Mission Wall
Harvest at the Mission
Mission Vineyard
Venice Light II
Venice Light I
West Front-Notre Dame
Noahs Ark II
Noahs Ark I
Asian Medallion IV
Asian Medallion III
Asian Medallion II
Asian Medallion I
Safe Haven IV
Safe Haven III
Safe Haven II
Safe Haven I
The Deities, Vulcan
The Deities, Neptune
The Deities, Diana
The Deities, Mercury
The Deities, Jupiter
The Deities, Juno
The Deities, Minerva
The Deities, Apollo
Day Hamsa II
Day Hamsa I
Heavenly Light Triptych III
Heavenly Light Triptych II