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Frolic 1
Looking Glass 1
Coastal Landscape Study 4-1
Coastal Landscape Study I-1
Coastal Landscape Study II-1
Urban Expression 1
Warm Invitation 1
Woodland Inlet 1
Into the Woods Sepia 2
Into the Woods Sepia 1
Making Marks (Terracotta)
A black and white blueprint
Prairie Style 4
Pigment and Pattern 8 (Inverted)
Pigment and Pattern 7
Pigment and Pattern 6
Pigment and Pattern 5
Pigment and Pattern 4
Pigment and Pattern 3
Pigment and Pattern 2
Pigment and Pattern 1
Palace in the Sky 3
Palace in the Sky 1
NYC Night Lights
Newfangled Ideas 1
Making Marks (Emerald Teal)
Macrame (Greyscale)
Impressions Collage (Burgundy Pink)
Impressions Collage (Bold Greyscale)
Impressions Collage (Blue Gold)
Impressions 3 (Burgundy Pink)
Impressions 3 (Bold Greyscale)
Impressions 3 (Blue Gold)
Impressions 2 (Burgundy Pink)
Impressions 2 (Bold Greyscale)
Impressions 2 (Blue Gold)
Impressions 1 (Burgundy Pink)
Impressions 1 (Bold Greyscale)
Impressions 1 (Blue Gold)
Get My Good Inverted Aqua Blue Black
City Smudge Aqua