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Somewhere In Italy
Sunset I
Abstract Purple Heart on white
Heart 1
Abstract blue patterns
Refracted Blue 54x76
Abstract fields with sky
Abstract Browns Greens Blues
Burst of Nature
Sweet Dreams VIII
Sweet Dreams VII
Sweet Dreams VI
Sweet Dreams V
Spring Awakening II
Spring Awakening I
Word Inspiration IV
Word Inspiration III
Word Inspiration II
Word Inspiration I
Grace Words Floral II
Floral Faith IV
Floral Faith III
Little Ballers IV
Little Ballers III
Little Ballers II
Little Ballers I
Folk Butterfly II
Think Pink 13A
Think Pink 12A
Think Neutral 13A
Think Neutral 12A
Obviously Pink 17A
Obviously Pink 13A
Obviously Pink 09A
Obviously Pink 08A
Obviously Pink 07A
Obviously Pink 06A
Happy Yellow 21A
Happy Yellow 20A
Happy Yellow 19A
Happy Yellow 18A