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Vancouver 3
Somewhere In Italy
At The Threshold I
At The Threshold II
Effervescent Song I
Effervescent Song II
Gaia's Maiden
Magnificent Effusion I
Magnificent Effusion II
Protea (Botanical) VS2
Protea (Watercolor)
Pampas Grass VS2
Rose VS2
Pampas (Watercolor)
Eucalyptus VS2
Blue Eucalyptus (Watercolor)
Vancouver Specials III
Multicoloured floral abstract
Floral Shades
Field of Dreams
Abstract Nature Scene
Tangled Blossom B 36x48
Abstract Nature Scene
Tangled Blossom A 48x70
Abstract foral on pink background
Yellow Dots on Pink
Foral on purple background
Teal and Purple
Abstract hanging garden on purple background
Purple Streaks
Looking up at the Blossoms
Tangled Blossom B
Abstract trees in bloom
Early Blossom
Yellow Rose
It's a Rose
Deconstructing the Garden
An Assortment of multicoloured painted flower buds
Before the Fall
A blue floral coastline
Lakefront Escape 10 (Cool Coast)
A pink floral coastline
Lakefront Escape (Warm Crimson)
A bouquet of orange watercolour flowers
Frosty Bouquet (Tuscon Sun)
A bouquet of green watercolour flowers
Frosty Bouquet (Rustica)
Spring Greens I
Pastel Flower Composition II
Pastel Flower Composition I
Scatter I
Bright Blossoms III
Bright Blossoms I