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Green leaf
Leaf II
Abstract with Orange and Blue-Fine Art-HFA Custom Art
Abstract with Orange and Blue
Turquoise Haze
Vancouver Artist In The Clouds
Warming Rays
Poppy Birch (54x54)-Fine Art-HFA Custom Art
Poppy Birch
Pink Splash-Fine Art-HFA Custom Art
Pink Splash
Pink Flush
Open Heart
Lost In Haze
Fresh Birch-Fine Art-HFA Custom Art
Fresh Birch
Eucalyptus VS2
Create Happiness
Cotton Candy Clouds
Birch Mint Blue
Beneath Turquoise Veils
Silver Birch (54x54)-Fine Art-HFA Custom Art
Silver Birch
Birch Emerald Blue-Fine Art-HFA Custom Art
Birch Emerald Blue
Courage My LoveVER
Front Page
Courage My Love
In the Beginning-Fine Art-HFA Custom Art
In the Beginning
Onwards and Upwards
Moving On
March Ahead
Me Finding You
This Moment
The Valley Below
Pencil Falls
Multicoloured floral abstract
Harsh black strokes
Untitled IX
Bold black strokes
Ink Strokes II
Strong black strokes
Ink Strokes VI
Beige and white with various colours abstract
Black and white with red contemporary abstract
Ode to Jackson
Colourful trees abstract
Through Brambles
Brightly-coloured boat collage
Boat Collage