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Green leaf
Leaf II
Cacti 01
Watercolour illustrated hand
3 detailed skulls drawn  centered on white page
Geometric blues
Triangle 5
Dark circles on a light beige background
Blue  yellow and purple watercolour horizontal lines
Blue Wave 1
Colourful watercolour
Blue Wave 2
Dark grey and white sphere
Globe 1
Beige geometric watercolour
Hex 2
Geometric subdued colours
Hex 3
Strong shapes on bright orange and yellow background
Orange Cotton
Geometric greys on watercolour pink and grey
Pink Cotton
Grey-toned rocks in a pile captured in watercolour
Rockpile 1
Geometric greys and blues
Triangle 2
Triangle shapes on blue watercolour background
Triangle 3
Warm coloured abstract with smooth shapes
Yellow Cotton
Blues on white background
Cyan Rain
Grey gradient lines
Gradient In Grey
Abstract Grey lines
Grey Energy
Black lines on white
Ink Strokes I
Bold black strokes
Ink Strokes IV
Bold black strokes
Ink Strokes V
Black lines on white
Kiss the Line
Abstract bright colours
Navy Blush I
Light strokes of yellows  oranges and reds
Warm Hue
Colourful sphere
Circle II
Colourful sphere
Circle III
Green leaf
Leaf I
Line drawn hands filled in with grey watercolour
Rockefella Hands
Dark geometric shapes
Untitled VI
Grey coloured geometric shape
Untitled VIII