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Spring Collection

Spring is in the air at HFA as we put away our wool coats and scarves for another year. With a new season upon us, we relish amassing a new spring inspired collection full of bright florals and vibrant abstracts. Our collection features some longtime partners in our HFA Artist Program such as Ronan Boyle, Motoko, Gabby Parks, Jill Brown, Farah, Ken Prescott, and Motoko. Spring also gives favour to floral heavy contributors like G. Wolski, J. DiSano and Didi.

 “No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”
- Proverb

 Beautifully layered with nature photography, rich abstracts and an assorted bouquet of floral pieces we are certain you will enjoy this collection as much as we did creating it. 

Julia Disano - Happy Tears

Julia Disano - Entwined 9

J Ozier - Mini Blue White No Grey

V Charlie - Colours 7

Motoko Synthesis 6

D Francis- Cosmic Mountain

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